Baby Safe UP10M Underpad

Baby Safe UP10M Underpad

Baby Safe UP10M Underpad

A newborn babies poop very frequently compared to when they are older. Very often when they do, the diapers could not contain it and it pass through all the way to the bed sheet underneath or seating places. Baby Safe produces a very practical underpad with high absorption capabilities with soft pores texture that absorp liquid very quickly so that the surface remains dry. The bottom layer is water-resistant so that it gives a maximum protection from leakage.

The material of Baby Safe UP 10 M Underpad is comforting, safe to the skin and hygienic for the baby. Beside using it as an underpad for diapers, this products can also be used as a cover for when changing baby's diapers after shower.


Non-woven Top Sheet

  • Soft non-woven top sheet, with pores surface for quick liquid absorption rate to keep a dry surface.

America Fluff Pulp

  • Middle layer is made with high absorption material to keep liquid.

Japan SAP

  • SAP with diamond embossed pattern with high absorption fabric.

PE Back Sheet

  • Bottom sheet with water-resistant layer for maximum leakage protection.

Baby Safe UP10M Underpad

Package Contents10 sheets
Website (Manufacturer)Baby Safe UP10M Underpad
Dimensions (L x W x H)

29 x 19.5 x 5 cm (w/ packaging)

60 x 60 cm /sheet


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