Bite Fighters Botanical Mosquito Patch Sticker

-10% Bite Fighters Botanical Mosquito Patch Sticker

Bite Fighters Botanical Mosquito Patch Sticker 12pcs

Mosquito bites on our children is among the most dreaded one because it annoys and disturbs our babies and kids sleep, activities, and play time. This common occurrence is especially true for tropical country like Indonesia. Mosquito bites may also cause irritation and infection on our children skins. Come Bite Fighters Botanical Mosquito Patch Sticker to the rescue. This sticker is formulated specially with ingredients that would protect our newborn babies and kids safe from mosquito bites.

With BiteFighters Mosquito Patch, mothers would not need to worry anymore when our kids want to play outside the house. This sticker is very safe to use on babies, children, and even adult skins and will definitely keep mosquitoes away.


  • Effectively protects skin from mosquito bites
  • Comes with a pleasant lemon scent that is comforting to babies
  • DEET Free


  • Prevents mosquito bites wherever our children are
  • Relieve us from any worry when our children is outside the house
  • With fun and exciting characters, allow our children to still be in-style when applied

Benefits and Advantages

  • Effectively prevent mosquito bites
  • Pleasant lemon scent
  • Made from organic material
  • Usable for people of all ages
  • Passed the test and free of DEET and paraben
  • Not easily tear sticker material
  • High quality 3M sticker
  • Doesn't leave adhesive residue on clothing
  • Protect 24 hours from mosquitoes
  • Waterproof patch
    Core (Mostly / All)

    Wormwood and Lemongrass,
    Toxic-free embossed non-woven sticker material

    Age Group0-12 years old
    Effectiveness24 hrs
    Origin (Made in)United States of America (USA)
    Package Contents12 pcs
    Dimensions (L x W x H)11 x 2 x 15.2 cm

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