Comfy Baby - Memory Foam Baby Bolster

Comfy Baby - Memory Foam Baby Bolster

Comfy Baby - Memory Foam Baby Bolster

Unlike adults, babies need extra comfort. The baby's skin is soft, it can be very sensitive to the objects they wear. When baby skin is sensitive, their skin will rash, itchy and of course they will cry. For that, Mom should be very concerned about the completeness that baby used, start from the usability and also the materials.

Very few people are aware of the dangers of mites. Sensitive to mites greatly affect the comfort of sleep and sleep quality. Now comes a comfortable baby bolster from Comfy Baby - Memory Foam Baby Bolster, the shape will follow the movement of the baby to provide extra comfort. Fiber with Purotex on this bolster using microcapsul containing natural probiotics. With Purotex, you will avoid all the dangers of the allergen reaction. Probiotics 100% against sleeping disrupters. Active probiotics used on mattresses or bolster can reduce 89.3% of allergens in your home. 2 weeks after use will create a clean, fresh sleeping environment.

Baby bolsters create a calming psychological effect that helps newborns enjoy a quiet and restful sleep. This can prevent the baby from rolling over or can be used as a bumper in the crib and can also be used as an anti-roll pillow to prevent the baby from falling out of bed. Baby Bolsters provide comfort and safety to the baby by stimulating the touch of mother's embrace when placed on the chest and abdominal area.


Thick foam

The thick foam provides a comfortable contour for your baby's head and prevents Flat Head syndrome

Micro pin hole

The structure of ventilation cells that effectively conducts excess heat on the bolster. Micro pin hole on the pillow that is useful to improve the ventilation on the bolster and lighten the pressure on the bolster contoured to stay comfortable to use

2 layers adjustable

System 2 layers adjustable is designed to provide the ultimate comfort that is comfort for your little one. Removing this layer makes the pillow perfect for all preferences and children of all ages: from infant to toddler


  • Gloves can be removed and washed
  • 2 adjustable layers
  • Cover from natural bamboo fiber

Bolster cover material

Environmental friendly

The natural bamboo fiber that has the complete process from bamboo into bamboo yarn that implements environmentally friendly process passes the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14000

Natural anti-bacterial

Bamboo processes special properties that fight against fleas, fungi and harmful bacteria

Feeling cool

Bamboo fibers are filled with gaps and small holes that provide space to absorb and evaporate human sweat. In addition, it also ensures the bamboo fiber feels cool and fresh.

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