Hito Bear Shape Sponge Bottle Brush

Hito Bear Shape Sponge Bottle Brush

Hito Soft Sponge Bath Hito Bear shape

The Sponge Bottle Brush is a clean and delicate cleaning tool inside the baby bottle, with a soft sponge design and 360° spiral shape that will keep your pacifier clean and durable/stained.


  • A soft sponge that protects the inside of the bottle from scratches
  • 360° spiral sponge form that makes easy cleaning Dot/bottle as a whole
  • Easy to hold and in handheld


  • Free Scratches when cleaning Dot/Bottle
  • Handles that are not easily slippery
  • Spiral grip that can be rotated up to 360°
Origin (Made in)Taiwan
Dimensions (L x W x H)33.5 x 12.5 x 6cm

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  • Model: Sponge Bottle Brush
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