Malish Aria

Malish Aria

Malish Aria

Malish Aria is one of the many breast pumps from Malish. Malish Aria is an electric breast pump with dual pump which means it can be used on 2 breasts at once. The striking difference between Malish Aria and Malish Ilaria is that Malish Aria has only one machine that is branched into 2, while Malish Ilaria has 2 main engines in it.


Closed system

Breast milk will not be possible into the motor unit because it is separated by the diaphragm.

Easy to carry

The size is practical, the size of a hand


  • Aria has 1 motor in 1 machine
  • Can be used to pump for 5-7 times a day
  • Electricity can be obtained from sources of electric current, power bank, car and laptop / computer
  • Can be used as single pump or double pump 
  • The sound is very quiet
  • Funnel equipped silicon massager for convenience
  • Malke's suck-n-release technology makes sucking like a baby, nipples will not hurt
  • Aria has 9 levels of suction & stimulation
  • Bottles and part are BPA free
  • Easy to wash and install.

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  • Model: Aria
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