Malish Celia

Malish Celia

Malish Celia

One of Malis's output pumps is Malish Celia. Malish Celia is one single pump electric breast pump or one funnel funnel that can be charged. Can be packed for 2 with 2 hours usage. The pump that can be charged makes it easier for you to use it. No need to rely on electric plugs, can be taken anywhere as long as the battery is fully charged.


Closed system

Breast milk will not be possible into the motor unit because it is separated by the diaphragm.

Easy to carry

The size is practical, the size of a hand


  • There are 9 levels of straws & 9 stimulation stimulation levels
  • The straw that imitates like a baby when feeding on her mother, nipples will not hurt
  • Auto stimulation stimulus & auto straw
  • The silicon-lined funnel makes it more comfortable to use
  • Weight 242 grams
  • Maximum straw 430mmhg
  • Suitable for working mother who like to pumping more than 10 times a day
  • Have an alarm to see the time & level of the straw

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