Malish Nasal Aspirator Tube Blue

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Malish Nasal Aspirator Tube Blue

Malish Nasal Aspirator is one of the most effective tools to help clear mucus (runny nose) in a child's nose during a cold.

Long soft straw shape so parents can effectively use Malish Nasal Aspirator even if they are not face to face with their child.


  • Cleaning the mucus in the baby's nose by suctioning
  • You can see how much phlegm is cleaned
  • Helps your child breathe safely and effectively


  • The shape of a long and soft straw
  • Round tip straws are very safe for babies because they can prevent the entry of straws that go too deep
  • With a transparent straw, parents can see firsthand the amount of mucus cleaned
  • There is a Backflow Preventer so it prevents mucus from being sucked back by your child
  • Parents can control the power of a straw when suctioning phlegm so that it helps soothe the baby's breathing safely and effectively

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