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In the world of black-and-white ultrasound, Mindray DP-10 Power is the preferred ultrasound system. Many are known as lightweight, compact and feature-rich devices, this ultrasound device is very popular among doctors, midwives, clinics, and hospitals.

Mindray DP10 Power gives you a combination of performance and the best price in its class. Equipped with the latest Intel processors, Mindray DP-10 Power is an important part of the latest generation Mindray ultrasound system that uses the highest technology and easy operation that is part of a high-level Mindray system. Mindray DP-10 Power uses PW Doppler to check blood vessels in a variety of clinical conditions so that it helps you provide a more convincing diagnosis.


Higher diagnostic beliefs

  • The Doppler Pulse Wave (PW) image technology meets higher analysis requirements.
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI): Using a second harmonic produced from the boundary layer network, THI increases the contrast of image resolution and facilitates the analysis of more difficult conditions.
  • Tissue Specific Imaging (TSI): Improves image quality according to the nature of the properties of the network being examined. Four choices of images that can be produced: General, Muscle, Liquid, Fat.
  • ExFOV: Get better diagnostic information by additional appearance of the anatomical structure through a convex and linear probe device.
  • iTouch ™ for clearer images faster.
  • iClear ™ to reduce grainy results so that the images are clear and sharp.
  • iZoom ™ for instant full screen images.

Simple Assistance at Examination

The iScanhelper software (software) is already on the DP-10 device and can help you get help to understand how to check and read USG results. This program provides references when doing scans on the abdomen (abdomen), obstetrics, gynecology, small parts, and urology.

Mindray DP-10 Menu

Easy Working Process

  • iStation ™: Mindray's unique Patient Information Management System enables you to unite, review, store and withdraw patient data quickly and effectively.
  • iStorage: Instantly moves image files and reports to a computer via a network cable.
  • IP: There are various parameters for the image quality improvement mechanism.
  • Self-regulated buttons for operator personal needs.
  • One button for storing images on a hard disk or USB flash disk.
  • Lithium battery for continuous use of scans for 1.5 hours.
  • 320GB hard drive.

Ergonomic Design

  • 12.1-inch high resolution LED monitor with tilt capability of up to 30 degrees.
  • Can be connected with two probes.
  • User-friendly control panel with a burning silicone keyboard.
  • Light and compact design for easy portability.

Example Results

Carotid Intima
Carotid Intima
Elbow Joint
Elbow Joint
Gall Bladder
Gall Bladder
Median Nerve
Median Nerve
PW Doppler of Umbilical Cord
PW Doppler from the Umbilical Cord
Liver / Heart
Thyroid with Dual Merge
Gondok Gland with Dual Merge

Choice of Transducer Probes

Convex (Konveks / Convex)

Endocavity / Transvaginal


Package Contents

  • One Mindray DP-10 Power unit (NEW Version!)
  • One 35C50EB convex probe (can be exchanged with other convex / linear probes at no extra cost)
  • Mindray DP-10 Power Manual Book (English and Indonesian)
Audio and Electronics
  • USB x2
  • VGA Out x1
  • Video Out x1
  • S-Video Out x1
Medical Equipment
Transducer Probe


Endocavity / Transvaginal


Origin (Made in)China
Package Contents
  • 1 unit Mindray DP-10 v3
  • 1 pc Transducer Probe Convex 35C50EB
  • Manual Book (English and Indonesian)
Website (Manufacturer)Mindray DP-10 Power (Intl. Version)

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