Omron JPN600 Tensimeter

NEW Omron JPN600 Tensimeter

Omron JPN600 Tensimeter

Omron JPN600 Tensimeter is a digital tensimeter that measures blood pressure and heart rate in the upper arm. The JPN 600 Omron Tensimeter is equipped with interesting features, one of which is with intelligent technology that provides guaranteed blood pressure measurement that is accurate, fast and convenient.


  • Indicator for Cufflinks Usage To indicate whether the use of cuffs is correct or not
  • Blood Pressure Level Indicator Displays the normal limits of systolic and diastolic blood pressure on the tensimeter screen
  • Body Movement Indicator A warning symbol that will appear if the user moves during the measurement.
  • Irregular Heartbeat Indicator Irregular heartbeats can affect the measurement results. If the irregular heartbeat symbol often appears, please contact your doctor.
  • Enhanced IntelliSense Technology that allows inflation to be adjusted automatically for maximum comfort. The cuff will be pumped until it reaches the ideal level in every use.
  • The memory features of the last 90 measurements are accompanied by the date and time of measurement.
  • Average of the last 3 measurements.
  • Measurement Accuracy: Blood Pressure 3 mmHg, Heart Rate 5%
  • Battery Life reaches 1000 times the measurement.


  • 1 JPN600 Tensimeter Tool
  • 1 Cuff Size 22 - 32 cm
  • 1 Tensimeter Storage Bag
  • 1 Instructions for Use
  • 1 OMRON Official Guarantee Card
  • 4 AA batteries

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