Pure Baby Diapers Cream 200g

Pure Baby Diapers Cream 200g

Pure Baby Diapers Cream 200g

Purebaby Diaper Cream is a skin-protective cream in the nappy area from dirt and germs produced by feces and urine that sticks to the skin due to the use of diapers. So that the health of the nappy area is maintained and prevents irritation due to diaper use. Contains Castor Oil & amp; Sunflower Seed Oil as a natural lubricant to refine and maintain the moisture of the skin area of nappy and Zinc Oxide as active substances to prevent baby skin irritation.


  • Formulated with ingredients that do not cause skin irritation and can protect the nappy skin area from germs, bacteria, fungi and ammonia produced by urine and feces
  • Extra protection in maintaining the moisture of the nappy area skin
  • Made from quality materials of low hazard standards (0-2) Europe, the highest level of security, the only product for diaper cream that uses low hazard grade (0-2) in Indonesia
Dimensions (L x W x H)6 x 6 x 20 cm

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