Spectra Q Breast Pump

Spectra Q Breast Pump

Spectra Q Breast Pump

Spectra Q Breast Pump is the most specialized electric breast pump among Spectra Breast pump variants. This pump has 2 pumping phase ie massage and expression. This electric breast pump can be operated with adapter and power bank with suction power such as Spectra 9+, 9s, M1 and M2. In addition, this pump can be upgraded to a dual pump simply by adding another 1 set of funnels.


Easy to carry

Small and lightweight size makes it easy for Mom to take her anywhere

Produce more breastmilk

Breast milk is more generated because it uses two pumping phases/p>

Closed system

Using blackflow preventer that serves to block the milk to not go into the hose.


  • Practical
  • Closed system
  • Relatively cheap compared to other breastmilk pumps

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