US BABY Disposable Sanitizing Wipes /20

US BABY Disposable Sanitizing Wipes /20

US BABY Disposable Sanitizing Wipes 20's

US BABY Disposable Sanitizing Wipes 20's is made by US BABY for help pregnant mothers and babies to caring surrounding environment hygiene. Passed 18 de-ionized filtration process, this wipes have medical grade alcohol to destroy and kill bacteria at the surrounding environment. This wipes can also use for clean the baby's cutlery, pacifier, toys, and other equipment. For pregnant mothers, this wipes can help to clean and sterilized bacteria and public places or public toilets.


  • Passed 18 process filtered de-ionized and UV sanitized water for hygiene concern
  • Individual packaging makes the wipes not dry easily
  • Thicker and softer fabrics for comfortable use
  • Applicable for cleaning on baby's equipment

Benefits and Advantages

  • Non perfume
  • Non phosphor
  • Thicker non-woven material and medical grade alcohol

Content: 20 sheets

    Origin (Made in)United States of America (USA)
    Package Contents20 sheets
    Website (Manufacturer)

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