360do Brush for Kids

360do Brush for Kids

360do Brush for Kids (3-12 yo)

Study shows that regularly cleaning your teeth at least twice a day after meal would reduce the risk of cavities, very suitable for you who have utmost care for your little ones. 360do Brush for Kids from Japan have a unique shape and soft bristles. It comes in fun multi-color options so that it would encourage your kids to brush often. It is able to clean even the hardest place to reach. Clean teeth, healthy gum, fresh breath.


  • Unique toothbrush with soft bristles
  • Effectively clean teeth, gum and tongue
  • Equipped with comfortable grip


  • Clean in-between teeth perfectly
  • Reduce plaque that cause cavities and odor
  • Enable fresher breath

Benefits and Advantages

  • Contains 15,600 - 18,000 bristles
  • Clean teeth plaque up to 98.4%
  • Soft bristles
  • Can be used to clean tongue
    Core (Mostly / All)15,600 - 18,000 Soft Bristles
    Origin (Made in)Japan
    Website (Manufacturer)http://stb-h.co.jp
    Website (Others)http://360dobrush.co.uk
    Dimensions (L x W x H)4 x 2 x 23 cm

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