Baby Safe JP015 Bottle Rack Set

Baby Safe JP015 Bottle Rack Set

Baby Safe JP015 Bottle Rack Set

Baby Safe JP015 Bottle Rack Set is suitable to give as a present for a newborn baby's mother. It consists 4 milk bottles made from BPA free, so this is really safe for babies and have an interesting design. This milk bottle is designed special for baby's dentition and jaw growth, and also designed to prevent baby from bloated with reduce the air bubble in milk and to ensure the milk  for baby's health. To make it more neat, hygiene and avoid from bactery and even dust , Mom no need to worry to keep and dry baby's bottle after washed, because this Baby Safe JP015 Bottle Rack Set is already equipped with Drying Rack to keep the milk bottle, cup and accesories.



Food Grade Packaging

  • Free from Bisphenol-A (BPA Free)
  • Certified by European Safety Standard
  • Registered on Indonesian Ministry of Health

Anti-Colic Air Flow System

  • Suppress air to come in while drinking milk to prevent milk bubbles formed that may cause colic.

Support Dentition and Jaw Growth

  • Natural dot design, support dentition and jaw growth.

Material: Polypropylene (PP) BPA Free (bottle), silicone (teat/straw).

Colors: Giraffe (Green), Koala (Yellow), Bird (Purple).

Drying Rack Color: Green and Purple.

Age Recommendation: 4 months above.

Core (Mostly / All)

Bottle: Polypropylene (PP) BPA Free

Teat / Straw: Silicone

Age Group≥ 0 months
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