Mooimom G7001 Breastfeeding Nursing Cover

NEW Mooimom G7001 Breastfeeding Nursing Cover

Mooimom G7001 Breastfeeding Nursing Cover

Material made of 100% versatile cotton fabric can be used as an apron / cloth cover during the process of breastfeeding a baby in a public place or can also be used as a cover for a stroller or baby blanket. There is a multipurpose bag at the front.


  • Made from 100% Cotton, soft, lightweight, and comfortable when used for breastfeeding children
  • There are practical storage bags
  • 3D design with adjustable semicircular collar, the top is designed with a rigid edge, so you can see the baby while breastfeeding
  • Easy to use, elegant and safe when breastfeeding
  • Designed in colorful motifs and colors, it displays the character of each nursing mother

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