Omron Body Fat Monitor HBF 375

Omron Body Fat Monitor HBF 375

Omron Body Fat Monitor HBF 375

Omron Body Fat Monitor HBF 375 is a tool that can effectively analyze your physical body starting from body weight, body fat percentage, percentage of Subcutaneous fat, Visceral fat level, and muscle mass of your body. This tool can be used as part of the weight management program that you are currently doing. The graphical display on the monitor can help you understand the measurement results correctly. Plus, OMRON HBF 375 Karada Scan also has the ability to analyze your body's metabolic age. This tool has enough memory capacity to store measurement data for 4 users.


Complete and Practical Fat Content Measuring Device

This Omron Body Fat Monitor uses the basic calculation of BMI (Body Mass Index) to determine whether your weight is ideal or not. BMI bases its calculations based on the ratio between one's weight and height. OMRON HBF 375 uses the height information that you input into the tool and calculates it with your weight to calculate the value of the BMI ratio.

Calculating Levels of Body Fat, Visceral Fat, and Subcutaneous Fat

This omron can accurately show the calculation of fat levels, where the calculation of fat levels for men and women is different. This tool also can not only measure body fat levels but also can measure Visceral fat levels, which are fats commonly found around the body's vital organs. Excess Visceral Fat can interfere with your body's health and cause cholesterol, heart disease, and Type 2 Diabetes. In addition, OMRON HBF 375 can measure Subcutaneous fat levels, namely fat under the skin. If excessive Subcutaneous fat levels can change your body shape. Visceral fat levels range from 0.5 - 9.5, high at 10.0 - 14.5, and excess in numbers 15.0 - 30.0.

Measuring Body Muscle Mass

Omron HBF 375 uses BI (Bioelectrical Impedance) measurements to measure muscle mass. Take care and develop your body's muscle mass so that you are not easily attacked by obesity or overweight.

Measuring Age of Body Metabolism

This Omron Body Fat Monitor can do Resting Metabolism, a feature that can measure how much calorie intake you need to do daily activities. There are also features to measure the age of the body's metabolism. Based on the results of Resting Metabolism, body weight, and body fat levels, this tool can determine the age of your metabolism. If the age of metabolism is greater than the original age means you need to exercise regularly in order to avoid various diseases and reduce fat accumulation in the body. But if your original age is equal to or greater than your body's metabolic age, then you are already living a healthy life.

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