Pure BB Baby Sunblock SPF 25 100g

Pure BB Baby Sunblock SPF 25 100g

Pure BB Baby Sunblock SPF 25 100g

Pure BB Baby Sunblock is the only sunblock for babies that is formulated by physical non-chemical so it is safe for babies, with a working mechanism to reflect UV radiation.


  • Protect the baby for quite a long time (4 hours)
  • Free of Amino Benzoic (PABA), a carcinogenic compound usually found in product sunscreen (sunscreen)
  • Fragrance free, so it is safe to use on baby's skin because it does not cause irritation and allergies
  • Alcohol free, so it is safe not to irritate baby's skin
  • Paraben free, so it does not contain chemical synthetic preservatives which can be carcinogenic
  • Pass the hypoallergenic tested / allergic free test, because it has been formulated with ingredients that do not cause skin irritation
  • It has a natural moisturizer, Apricot Kernel, which keeps the skin moist and soft so it doesn't dry out
  • Made from quality materials of low hazard standards (0-2) Europe, the highest level of security, the only product for Sunblock babies that uses grade low hazard (0-2) in Indonesia

Expire: 02 2021

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