Sanosan Baby Wash Foam 250ml

Sanosan Baby Wash Foam 250ml

Sanosan Wash Foam 250ml

Sanosan Wash Foam can clean thoroughly with foam which is easily applied to the body and hair with content:

  • Allantoin to soothe and protect the skin, can also help relieve skin jealousy
  • Panthenol which works to retain moisture and regenerate cells
  • Protein Milk provides natural moisture for skin and hair, beneficial for dry and sensitive skin. Milk proteins form a protective layer on the skin to retain moisture naturally
  • Organic Olive Extract helps protect the skin and makes it soft and smooth
  • Tocopherol functions to increase skin moisture and regenerate cells and reduce skin damage from UV light. Tocopherol can also soften the skin

Sanosan Wash Foam balances moisture so that it keeps the baby's skin from drying out and feels smooth.

Available in sizes: 250ml

Product Expired: August 2021

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